Sunday, March 25, 2012

Introducing Milo Thomas!

Our 4th nephew was born March 1st down in Des Moines to my sister-in-law Kara and brother-in-law Brian. He is their third (Max and Ivy are his older siblings). Milo Thomas Ohorilko, Welcome to the world! I immediately thought Kara named him after Milo in the Phantom Tollbooth, but I was wrong. Nonetheless, if you haven't read this classic kid's book -- do it!! Hooray for Milo!

Proud Uncle Brad

Milo with his Daddy Brian

Momma Kara!

Ivy & Max with their new little brother (photo: Kara)

(photo: Kara)

Milo with his fashion-original sister! (photo: Kara)

Thea Belle adores gentle

Dietrich was fascinated...I was surprised, but delighted with his interest in his little cousin.

Kara had these taken by Blind Photography in Des Moines.

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Leah Miller said...

Milo is adorable! Congrats Kara and Brian! You make cute kids.