Sunday, November 06, 2011

Visit to My Folks: Clark's Birthday & Meeting Daphne

A few weeks ago we went down to my folks to celebrate our nephew Clark's 3rd birthday and meet his littlest sister, our new niece Daphne. We were excited that one of the families in my folks' church had their annual barn party while we were there. The kids got to play up in a hay mow, hold brand new barn kittens, and take a hayride. They loved all of it and I was so glad they had a little taste of some of the things I loved doing growing up as a farm kid.

My folks with Thea Belle

Waiting for the hayride to begin

My sister-in-law Robyn with Daphne
Getting ready for Clark's birthday party...some of his cousins from Robyn's side came to celebrate too!

Clark blowing out his candles. His sister Felicity to the left...Lincoln & Atticus on either side...

The Spide-y cake my brother Jonathan made for his boy!

Clark! (Robyn's photo (-:)



Robyn took the photo of Daphne -- love her little smile! -- and the one below of my brother Jonathan and all three kids! Hooray!

My dad gathering some pumpkins, squash and peppers for us from his amazing garden

This border of zinnias were as tall as me...They were just beautiful.

Lincoln and Thea Belle checking out the chickens


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