Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Men

I love being married to Brad for a million reasons. One of them is walking in finding this going on.


Lostmommyof4 said...

I know that these days blogs don't get the traffic they used to and perhaps bloggers wonder if it's even worth it. Perhaps those with lots of family in scattered places know that blogging is the best way to keep everyone up to date and that makes it worth while...I don't know. But I wanted to stop in and say I LOVED this post! I loved how must you revealed your heart. We all struggle with this to one degree or another. But mostly I loved that it made perfect sense. It makes perfect sense that all those years that God was working in and through you as you searched for who you were to become...that he was making you into the wife and mom you are now and will continue to be.

I know from experience that not anyone can be a mom to boys. It takes some special preparations to make a mom who can handle the death defying tricks, the insane experiments with household items, the decibel level the pure energy that a brood of boys brings!

I love seeing how all your wit, creativity and spunk (amongst other things) are poured out into your family. Press on!!!

Lostmommyof4 said...

I forget that it uses my gmail handle...this is Alia :)