Sunday, November 06, 2011

Treating with Friends!

Halloween night our friends the Jamiesons were traveling through Minneapolis from Michigan to Montana and came to spend a night with us. So all four of their kids trick or treated with our four and more kids from the neighborhood. As Andy J. said, "Our whirlwind meets your whirlwind" -- indeed! It was wonderful to see them -- way too short but wonderful nonetheless. Our kids all got along famously and candy was overflowing for all. (-: I wish I had taken better pictures of them all together. I especially left out the two little ones -- Thea Belle is on to week three of this epic cold her and I are struggling through. Her face is broken out into a rash of some kind, and she has a constant chapped and occasionally bloody nose so it has been difficult to catch flattering photos. I feel wrong posting ones that immortalize a nasty cold. So I will wait.

I thought it would be fun for the kids to all carry glowstick swords (from the party section at Target). And it was. Until later when Lincoln BIT ONE OPEN. Yep. He chewed until it exploded it into his mouth and all over his brother Deke, the floor, and our couch. It was awesome and no doubt toxic and took awhile to clean up (what could be cleaned) and for the rest to stop glowing.

Look how adorable Josiah Jamieson is as Winnie the Pooh! It suited him perfectly.


Sweet Danica Jamieson

Fierce Turtle Ninja Timothy Jamieson

Our neighbor Dominick dressed as a truly creepy Transformer Robot Jedi. Lincoln thought he was real and bravely tried backing everyone up for safety and then fiercely attacked him repeatedly.

The jig is up for the older boys but notice Lincoln is not buying it. Ready for another attack.

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