Sunday, November 06, 2011

Carving Out Some Time

So we finally carved the pumpkins my dad sent from his garden. We don't do it too early because we have mad squirrels around here who steal whole pumpkins and devour them down within a few days. We find our lids at the bases of trees and strewn across the neighborhood. Ahhh!!! Anyway, there isn't really pictures of the kids carving the pumpkins because they aren't allowed knives and wouldn't touch anything slimey. So actually Brad and I carved them. And that is that.

p.s. Dietrich taught himself to snap his fingers which impresses Atticus to no end. D. learned the Days of the Week song (sung to the tune of the Addams Family Theme Song) at preschool and determined to figure out how to snap. One week of constant practicing and -- Shazam! -- He got it. I love this kid's methodic determination.

Dietrich's drawing of the alien pumpkin he wanted

Atticus' drawing of a one-toothed pumpkin clown

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erizabat said...

I love that they got to design their own pumpkins. And that picture of Dietrich standing smiling in front of the smiling pumpkin family.