Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Venting with the Animals

So two weekends ago there was a whole lotta this going on in our kitchen. My wonderful mother- and father-in-law took Atticus and Dietrich to Des Moines for a weekend sleepover. Brad installed our new oven vent (pictures to come -- still getting the drywall mudding just right...). I took Lincoln and Thea Belle to the big zoo. It was so fun with just the two of them -- going their pace, seeing what they wanted to see and zooming in circles through the crowds.
Just one more picture of this because that man of mine is so darn manly using power tools...

To Lincoln's utter amazement Diego was at the zoo. Diego!! And he was liberally handing out hugs. Lincoln talked about this moment for days afterwards. He would hush his voice and widen his eyes in sheer disbelief that such a thing would happen. I never know what to do with kids' celebrity cartoons (we rarely watch any of them and they aren't allowed to wear clothing with them on it) but it was pretty hard not to love the schmoe who planned for this guy to be at the zoo on a Saturday morning.

Lincoln so serious...This is a big deal.

Pretty Thea illegally picking tropical vegetation(-:

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erizabat said...

this reminds me of when we took the kids to mall of america last year and Lincoln and I saw some big aquatic took him a while, but he finally worked up the courage to high five the marine mascot and then stared at him (craning his neck) until he was no longer visible ;)