Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Crafty Morning!

Yesterday morning I decided to try a craft time with the boys. Miraculously! it went not just well but awesomely -- an hour and a half of drawing, cutting, stickers, imagination, happiness, ideas, fun for all of us. Hooray!

Dietrich is so unsure of himself when he draws. I was so excited that he spent the whole time until lunch drawing and actually verbalizing what he was trying to draw. Usually he just clams up, scribbles and throws away his pictures (if he even starts drawing in the first place).

I think it is so interesting that he so often picks super light colors like yellow to draw. Even his colors are unsure. I turned the drawing into black and white so you could see it.
One of first stages -- Aren't his faces great!?

I wrote what he dictated to me.

Lincoln -- that kid!

Yes, that is a pacifier. He hasn't used one for months and months but we found one while organizing my sewing area and he commandeered it for an hour or so. 
Atticus being specific and self-directed. He has made a machine that turns people into super heroes.

Before he added clothes and sticker adornments

Dietrich added electric current along the top, snakes (not pictured) and wanted a super hero boy and his mother on the side. He drew the faces and described what their hair and clothes were supposed to look like.

Lincoln's creative time devolved into marker deconstruction.

I got the boys all situated with drawing stuff before I put Thea Belle down for her nap -- until then she scooted around eating markers she found on the floor.

After drawing, the kids added stickers to their pictures and then decided to make tickets with individual stickers on each one. I found some little envelopes for them and then we went outside and they sold tickets for the dinosaur movie. They even went next door and asked our neighbor Melissa (who is between Atticus and Dietrich's age) over to see it. The front steps were the ampitheater.

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Leah Miller said...

Love this post!! Your kids are brilliant (and cute, of course). And they have a brilliant mother.