Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Changes for Mr.C

So when we were outside playing on the front sidewalk we found a cicada. I thought it was possibly deformed because it had no wings. We watched it for a long time, then the boys asked to put it in a jar for awhile. This sort of thing keeps happening and I never remember to pick up a small terrarium...So we put this guy in a vase with a stick, some leaves, and a drywall sanding screen over the top just in case he decided to crawl out. I told the kids we'd have to let him go before dinner so he wouldn't die. Then I put the three younger kids down for naps leaving Atticus upstairs reading on the couch. I roused myself from getting Dietrich and Lincoln to sleep, walked into the kitchen, checked on this little guy, and Lo! -- He has shed his skin and was displaying some lovely frail wings. Amazing. And what timing!! I called Atticus down and we watched for awhile. Then we let the other boys and Daddy see him before letting him go on a tree in the backyard. Hooray!

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Leah Miller said...

Very cool!