Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bionical Helmets...and Other Things

Atticus has many opinions about clothing. He regularly comes downstairs already dressed -- having an affinity for vests, button-down shirts, and pants that are way too short for him (found in his brothers' drawers). Last week, he came down like this...plastic visor from one of their Buzz Lightyears masking taped to his head...Pirate pants and kerchief from the  costume bucket replete with shield and sword. This would be fun and funny on any level, but he wore this from  in the morning until 7 at night. He never took off the visor. Even at the park, on a walk, riding his bike, eating meals, reading books in his afternoon quiet time. Brad was quasi-horrified -- mostly wondering if the tape could be good for his skin for that long. Anyway, here he is at the end of the day with his own special poses.

He insisted on including this one and the one below.

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Leah Miller said...

HAHAHAHA! That kid cracks me up. You told me about this outfit, but to see it for real... Ahhh hilarious. And the last two pics? Oh my gosh.

I don't think someone could be quasi-horrified. Horrified is too strong a word for anyone to be just quasi. That's my opinion. But what do I know?