Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dodge-ing: The Issue

Brad has taught the boys dodgeball and has now become their favorite After-Dinner-Dad-Is-Home game. Dietrich is wildly competitive and competent at it. He is quick and wily and is wont to do a lightening curl-up to narrowly avoid a direct hit. Atticus, as seems to be his style, thinks the whole thing is so funny but will place himself three feet away from his dad and do silly taunts begging to be hit and then collapse laughing hilariously only to get up and ask for more. It is pretty annoying to Brad that Atticus has so little competitive spirit in him. But A. does love people and games and can be fast and skilled when he wants to (which is probably why it is more annoying for Brad). Anyway, Lincoln just wanders around watching happy to be part of whatever everyone is doing. And Thea either stays safely in with me while I clean up from dinner, or she scoots around outside eating grass and sticks.

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Leah Miller said...

Love the pic with Brad holding a ball ready to beam it at one of his offspring. It reminds me of Great White Sharks. The newborn babies have to swim away immediately or they get eaten by the mother.