Monday, April 19, 2010

Walks and My Awesome Bucket Stroller

Last year my mother-in-law Nancy found this bucket stroller at a garage sale and brought it up for us. At first I was wondering what to do with it since we only have a single garage and can only get our van in it with a shoehorn. The poor thing sat outside all winter in the snow banks with nary a tarp over it (I totally forgot to tarp the outside toys until we were three feet under and it never melted until spring!). Still, once again I am enjoying this piece of equipment -- easy to push, cozy for the boys. I love it. I can't get the three kids in it, but Brad and I will often take our single Graco (my parents bought us for Atticus and we still love) with this one and enjoy our evening walk much more than with our useful but monstrously heavy quad stroller. Anway, these photos are from two sequential days of walks...the boys slept in this stroller like this for at least half an hour or more.

This day was Sunday morning -- the first time we WALKED to our new church. It only took us about 40 minutes (one way) and we took the last part of the walk through Powderhorn park by the pretty lake watching families playing and dogs cavorting in the sun. It was a perfect way to prepare for Sunday morning fellowship and worship service. And on the way home, Brad and I talked about our church family and the sermon and all sorts of other things. The boys all fell asleep and all three of them napped in their strollers while Brad and I sat in the sunlight on the back steps and talked some more and admired our beautiful children. Ahhh...sweet life. God is so kind to us.


legendswife said...

oh how sweet. It just makes ya stop for a second and enjoy those little memories all free!

God Bless

Joslin3 said...

So beautiful Sarah. All of it. I loved this post. Your boys are so handsome!