Saturday, April 03, 2010

Big Zoo on Good Friday

On Good Friday Brad & I took the boys to the Minnesota Zoo ("The Big Zoo") & used some combined birthday gifts to get a year-long family pass. Lincoln is so aware of everything around him -- He loved the animals & crowds of people & big rocks & being allowed to walk all around with his brothers. I enjoyed having Brad with me to tag-team keeping track of the kids & allowing them individually to have a little extra time looking at an animal if the other boys were ready to move on.

Enjoying his new shoes -- thank you, Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Tom!! (I'll get better pictures later.)

Dietrich LOVED the leopard. This is actually an Amur Leopard -- There are only 300 of them left in the wild in the world. Dietrich was just fascinated with him. Brad was behind him and heard D. talking with a little girl next to him. She, apparently, was also a big fan and had seen this cat before. Dietrich said, "Cheetah." and looked at her. She said politely, "No. That is a leopard. But it does have spots like a cheetah. And it is a big cat like a cheetah." And then they were quiet for a long time just watching the cat. Dietrich is so sweet & watchful.

The groundhogs

Seeing some baby animals at the Farm exhibit before the big storm rolled in
(Brad was watching the sky & heroically got us back to our car just as the first
drops of rain started falling before the deluge. How's that for awesome-ness?!)

Dietrich loved petting the goats
(And just so you know, Atticus loved the animals too,
I just didn't get as many photos to turn out with him.

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