Friday, April 16, 2010

My Daughter

Oh, Everyone-Out-There, my heart is overflowing in thanksgiving -- "Overflowing" is not even the right word -- It is bubbling up and sloshing everywhere in gleeful gratefulness that God has said "YES!" and given my dear boys, husband, and myself a SISTER and DAUGHTER! It will be so so fun to experience the rich fullness of male and female. I know that it will be difficult in different ways than four sons would have been. I have spent three years praying hard for a daughter. This past week four of my close friends and I have been praying very intently to ask God to graciously and lavishly (I am so so blessed in a zillion ways already!) to give me a daughter. And this morning He declared "YES!" Oh, thank You, thank You, thank You. I oh I love being a girl. I really do. Over the next few days or weeks I hope to share with you some of the deep, rich things God taught me this week while I was praying. I am so thankful that God brought me to this place of deep longing so that I did this praying with these four women. (I know there was more of you out there who have been praying with me -- and I don't minimize your prayers and am so thankful for you, and for you caring.) My heart and mind and spirit is full, full of gladness not only for my daughter but for so much else -- especially how very intimate and kind and gentle God showed Himself to me this week. I am a skittery and intensely earnest sort of a person and He sees me and does not despise me but loves me so very perfectly. Isn't it unbelievable that the Creator-King-God of Reality not only "bothers" with me but knows me so well that He takes the trouble to be involved in every tangly, ridiculous "fold" and "crinkle" of my existence?!!? I am in awe.

(Which is not a word usually accompanying a photo of labia, eh?


Kim Archer said...

yay! congratulations, what an answer to prayer! God loves to give us good things, daughters included!

Charlie and Manda said...

LOL! oh Hallelujah! - :-) I love it! Praise God! SO happy for you Sarah!

Anne said...

Oh, so there is also hope for me! I am so happy for you and Brad and the boys, a little girl to love! She will have three big brothers to protect her, too. Such blessings for your wonderful family! :)

Joslin3 said...

So wonderful!