Friday, June 12, 2009

Poop-Induced Delight

Here is Atticus "riding" a bus this morning at the amusement park in Mall of America. Why is he at Mall of America? Why is he in the amusement park? Poop. That's right. Atticus' poop. Earlier this week Atticus pooped in the toilet for the first time. Brad promised him that he could ride one ride the first time he pooped in the toilet. Ta-da! AND though he has had four poop accidents since then, he has not had a single pee accident in the last 4 days. Therefore I declare Atticus an underwear-wearing, pee-ing in the toilet Big Boy!! All this -- the hard work of Atticus Robert Johannsen and his potty-training-extraordinaire father Bradley Robert! Thank you, Brad!!!!!

This said, you might notice that this is a coin-operated low-level sort of ride. Not exactly a M.O.A.-caliber amusement ride, right? True. This is the only kind of ride I have ever let the kids ride here (except, truthfully, once we rode the swings when we were here with a friend who insisted she pay). And furthermore, I am so cheap (and also because I never have any quarters) I never actually put money in these coin-operated contraptions. I put the boys in and stand outside shaking the vehicle with my old-fashioned arm energy. They, amazingly, have thought this was just fun enough -- never knowing the delights that waited them. Of course, after the amusement park day down in Des Moines at Valley Fair with Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Tom (& company (-:) the bar has been raised considerably. So....

(Oh he is so so handsome -- that's right, here's my showing-me-the-love-by-teaching-our-son-to-poop-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time Man O' Excrementation -- Brad!)

The Actual Ride - A big bus that went up and around (very difficult to time a photo shot...sorry -- no action caught on camera...) -- An $8.00 two-minute Twirl of Poop-Induced Delight. ($8.00!! -- Oh dear.)


Leah Miller said...

But can you REALLY put a price on pooping in the toilet?

Sammy said...

Hoooooray Atticus!!!! Looks like a super fun and exciting way to celebrate! (but oh, man, even looking at that bus ride makes me nauseous :p !!)