Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Josh Ritter

Over the Rhine

K.T. Tunstall

Glen Hansard

Brad and I collaborated on our 2007 Favorite New Artists and New Albums Mix List. Here it is for you to hopefully explore and discover someone new for 2008. We have both fallen hard for Josh Ritter who is an intelligent and beautiful lyricist as well as folk-rock composer. The happiness shining from him as he plays is fantastic and fascinating. Brad has had fun memorizing the lyrics and learning to play half of his newest album and some of my favorite from his older ones. Over the Rhine put out an excellent new album this year -- as good as Drunkard's Prayer, and different once again. Their consistency and variety continue to pull me in -- and I am always happily surprised to see growth in themes and musical composition with each new offering. Some of these songs are just pure pop ear-candy but all of them feed our hunger to understand life in all its complexity and color and grittiness. And we must confess sometimes the rock-out sexiness of the artists make us a little giddy -- like KT Tunstall (for Brad) or Glen Hansard (for me). If you go to the website below you can play the entire list for free from Rhapsody.


Sea Lion -- Feist
Be Easy -- Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Rumors -- Josh Ritter
You Are My Face -- Wilco
If You Want Me -- Glen Hansard
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues -- Ramblin' Jack Elliot
If a Song Could Be President -- Over the Rhine
Despite What You've Been Told -- Two Gallants
You Don't Know Love Is -- White Stripes
Mind's Eye -- Josh Ritter
The Wicked Messenger -- The Black Keys
Side with the Seeds -- Wilco
The Temptation of Adam -- Josh Ritter
Falling Slowly -- Glen Hansard
Let's Spend the Day in Bed -- Over the Rhine
Hate it Here -- Wilco
300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues -- White Stripes
Sunshine -- Atmosphere
Don't Wait for Tom -- Over the Rhine
Humble Me -- Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Ring Them Bells -- Sufjan Stevens
You Don't Make it Easy Babe -- Josh Ritter
Black Horse & the Cherry Tree -- KT Tunstall
The Winds -- Danny Schmidt
He's my Rock, He's my Sword, He's my Shield -- Randy Travis
Kathleen -- Josh Ritter

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