Sunday, October 21, 2007

We Visit Grandpa Tom at Aunt Caryl's

Saturday we traveled out to River Falls, WI where Brad's Aunt Caryl and Uncle Leigh live. Grandpa Tom was there for volleyball tournament refereeing. We met Aunt Caryl, Cousin Andy, and Tom for brunch. On the way there and back our car overheated three times. After two mechanic stops, we thought we had it fixed only to have it overheat again right before we arrived home in the early afternoon. Our mechanic wasn't open Saturday afternoon so we called a mechanic friend of ours, Derek Rux, and asked if he could come over and look at the car when he had a chance. Then we got ready for our dinner company coming at 4 pm -- new friends we met who only live a block away. They have a little girl just two months younger than Atticus. The mom, Tanya, and I have taken a few walks together and really enjoyed talking. So the guys ended up meeting, and we had a great dinner. After cleaning up, Derek and Angelina came over to look at the car. We still don't know what's wrong with it, but we enjoyed a couple hours of visiting with our friends. Today we ended up "playing hookie" from church and our other Sunday responsibilities and "holed up" at home. It's been a great day of family time and small projects. We listened to a couple John Piper sermons this morning and sang some choruses and hymns together this afternoon and will pray together this evening -- so we ended up having our own tiny church service spread over the whole day. This day has been a wonderful gift born out of frustrating car troubles.

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