Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Three-Year Vacation

It's been 4 weeks since the Millers moved to Canada...That is so weird...I keep feeling like they are on vacation and soon will return and everything will be back to normal. I think by the time I accept this change, they will have moved back home. I am okay with that. I am realizing in new ways how amazing it was of God to have Leah just be there when I married Brad. I mean, who marries someone and in the first year happily realizes that she married her best friend and met her best girlfriend at the same time. Good job, Brad, for realizing how awesome Leah and Eric were and keeping that friendship alive until I showed up on the scene. It is weird to have theme parties and birthday parties and not have the Millers there. It is weird to have a complicated parenting question or a consumer-decision on some minor household/child item or to get stymied with a daily schedule toss-up and not call Leah and know that if she doesn't have an opinion she will happily come up with one (and have good reasons for it, too). That is the kind of friend she is. I also can't believe I have a whole delicious, hot summer ahead of me and that I won't be meeting her at the beach or playground or or or...Sigh. I will also miss seeing what new enormous earrings she found and had the guts to wear. Or what shape her hair has audaciously taken. But I have facebook and email and texting and digital photos and 3 years to be weirded out until she comes back and I get to know the Miller kids all over again and Brad and Eric try "not scheduling" guy time together and still make it happen. It's gonna be fine.

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Leah Miller said...

Awwww! It IS weird! And you are right- I will happily come up with an opinion. Haha! Even now! Text, email, call, and please, sometime over the next three years, COME VISIT!
Also, I will be there to visit soon and we can hang out a lot, ok?
I miss you, Sarah Jo!