Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Bicycle, bicycle...Biiiiiii-cycle.....

This week at Hale (Atticus' school) is Ride/Bike to School Week. So this morning I got up at 6 am and got all the kids breakfasted and dressed and loaded up for a ride. We live 10 long city blocks North and 8 short blocks West of the school so it's a long bike ride for a 5 and almost 7 year old. They both did great! It was nerve-wracking having them ride through morning city traffic but the weather was perfect and there were so many families biking to school that it felt festive! I think there were probably about 50 bikes locked up at the school. After we dropped Atticus off, I let the younger kids play on the school playground for awhile and then we had a special bathroom field trip back inside the school where all three kids needed to go -- even Thea Belle (she's almost all the way potty trained!!!!). We also found three fun books in the free-book box at the school. So I ended up doing a little story time before we got going back home. I was so proud of Deke for making it both ways with no complaining. 

When it was time to pick Atticus up, Dietrich wasn't sure he could go the whole way again, so we went to get Atticus and his bike with the van. But Atticus was so enthusiastic to ride home that I let him do it with me driving as close to him as I could and sometimes stopping to pull the car over and walk him across a particularly busy street. He was so proud of himself and so excited to do it again. Yay!

Some of the bikes along the fences (all the bike racks were full up by the school).

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