Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Atticus had his friend Jack the Scientist from school come play the last week of classes. Jack has a video game of the Ghost Busters and is quite an aficionado of the characters, etc. despite not having seen the movie yet. They were both impressed I had seen the movies and knew so much about them. (Who knew that would ever get me cool points with my kids?!) Jack the Scientist came up with the idea of making Ghost Busting Proton Packs. Atticus added glow sticks onto the wands and I helped staple twill cotton straps onto them. We made one for every boy in the house. They thought my ghost drawing was amazing. Ha! Ha! The night vision glasses were a gift from Atticus' birthday party last month.
How cute is this kid? He told me he wished he had 17 brothers. He sadly told me that all he had was one little sister. Poor guy.

Atticus also made a graduation cap complete with tassel to help make him smarter in his searching and trapping ghosts. Because they are very sneaky, those ghosts.

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