Friday, June 01, 2012

In Which I Am In a Very Bad Mood

A perfect-weathered Friday evening together as a family, a couple hours at a cheerfully busy park. And I was in a foul, horrible mood pretty much until I got back home and had a walk by myself. I had two shortish times of devotions the dishes and laundry caught up, and am wearing new jeans that fit. What is my freaking unthankful problem? Anyway, the kids got to play, Brad put up with me and we still have the weekend together ahead of us.

The older two boys came up with this awesome idea to swing together holding on to each other's swings. Then they faced inward toward each other. Then we twisted the chains. They were hilariously gleeful about this. They tried all different ways for about half an hour.

We call putting two kids back to back in a kid's swing (like Thea Belle and Lincoln) a Push-a-ma-Pulley like in Dr.Doolittle.


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