Friday, June 22, 2012

When Kids are Different

Dietrich. He wants to do whatever he is doing perfectly the first time. When he doesn't, he quickly loses patience and avoids it. So drawing frustrates him. So learning to read frustrates him. On the other hand, he has yards and yards of persistence when he has set himself to master a skill or figure something out. And when he gets it, he rocks it. Dietrich is intense and affectionate and physical and full of stories and musings. He is not easy-going. He has a quick temper and is ultra-sensitive to instances of injustice. Sometimes Brad says he reminds him of a mix of himself, me, and Gonzo. (Sometimes he stands full of energy and expectancy, gutterly panting -- ala Animal of The Muppets.) He is a whiz at memorizing -- especially Bible verses (and he can remember them including references for weeks or longer). He is always watching, listening...and sorting out these things. Once when I lived in Los Angeles, I went to a professional international soccer game with my mom. I think one of the teams was from Ecuador. I remember being amazed at how dramatic the players were when fouled or tripped in some way -- thrashing about on the field with great noise and fury. This is Dietrich when injured - physically or emotionally. Self control is certainly one of the big ones God will have him battle. Sometimes when I have time alone with Deke, I wonder what to do with him. It isn't like taking Atticus out to draw, read, play board games and talk. Maybe we can play with his action figures (he is always making elaborate stories and adventures with his guys) or we can play a ball catching game or we can take his bike or scooter out for a ride and talk. I will try to understand him better, find good ways to connect with him. I am thankful of coming into this new place in our family, where another little one isn't here to pull me in another direction and need the core of my attention and physical strength for that first year and a half. I am thankful to begin having time to spend with each of these children; For Brad and I beginning to walk with a little more grace as parents of four children. A little more. 

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