Friday, June 01, 2012

A Darn Good Memorial

We had an incredibly wonderful Memorial Day visiting Interstate State Park about an hour away from The Cities near Chisago, MN. It is on the St.Croix River. Just beautiful. The kids were enthusiastic, obedient, cheerful with each other and EVERYONE hiked -- even Thea Belle!!! I forgot my camera but Brad has his phone -- which died after the first part of our hike -- but still, he got some pictures!! We hiked, hiked some more, had a picnic, hiked some more and stopped at the incredibly kitschy and awesome Franconia Sculpture Park which can't even be adequately described -- I wish we had pictures -- but it was perfect for kids. You can climb and interact with every sculpture! Some of the sculptures were like playgrounds, some were just fun concepts -- like half of a house sitting on the ground -- you could climb inside and see the joists of the roof or scale the roof and sit on the peak. There was a weird haunted, decayed house suspended in the sky laced with webs of strings like cobwebs -- and you can touch everything -- did I mention that?? Climb and touch everything. Hooray! Then we had Dairy Queen and headed back home. The two younger kids transferred into the house for good naps and then we all hugged Grandpa Tom and Grandma Nancy when they stopped in for a bit in their traveling from northern Minnesota back to Des Moines. Then we ended the day with the second half of the "Ewok" Star Wars movie (Episode 6). Such a fun and happy and adventurous day.



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