Monday, August 03, 2009


Atticus went to vacation Bible school the week before the Lake trip. It was the first time I've ever dropped him off somewhere without me that wasn't a close friend. It helped that it was Leah Miller's church, only preschool kids, and Isaac Miller was in his class. Atticus had a great time and I was happy to have some time just with Dietrich and Lincoln. It gave me enough courage that I was finally convinced to sign Atticus up for preschool this fall: just Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Brad & I visited the school that Calvin Miller went to the last two years -- Hope (Lutheran) Preschool. I think it will be really good for all of our kids.

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Lisa said...

Sarah! Love ALL of these wonderful pictures. I almost feel like I was there with you, watching your beautiful boys in action. Fun. And good for you to step out w/VBS and then to Hope this fall. Hannah LOVED her time there and the "Bears" class is a very nice, safe place for kids to start a school experience.

And you are doing it! You are doing 3 kids... growing, stretching and doing it. My hat is off to you and I lift you up, sister.

Love to you all,