Saturday, August 22, 2009


These entries are chronologically out of order, but nonetheless: This is me with my college friend Robert Brunner. We kinda lost contact for a few years and recently re-connected on facebook -- Bob's been teaching ESL in Korea the last few years. Bob went to our blog and -- seriously and unexaggeratedly -- read the entire thing from the first week when Atticus had just entered the scene. So anyway, Brad and I had told him he should stop by sometime and meet Brad and the boys, thinking some day he might be back in the states. Well, lo and behold, he was back this month visiting family in friends in Freeport, IL and Milwaukee, WI. He took a plane ride up here and spent Monday with us -- met Brad, hung out with me, Bekah, and the boys. It could have been weird, but my friend was just as easy-going, cheerful, polite, and "game" as I remembered him. Brad said he would have gladly had a beer with him and talked baseball and politics even if he wasn't my friend.
And I loved that when we dropped Bob off at the airport Monday evening, he simply shook Brad's hand and said, "Thank you for marrying my friend. You have made her very very happy." Wasn't that just perfect (-: Thank you for coming all the way over and up here to meet my family, Robert!

This is Robert explaining one of the two poses Koreans like to use when having their pictures taken.

Here we are demonstrating it.
(It's supposed to be a heart, in case you couldn't tell (-:)

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