Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Celebrations

This was our first Thanksgiving at our home -- and my first time cooking a turkey or making stuffing on my own. Thank you for giving me your electric roaster, Mom & Dad! My mom also gave me very special turkey salt and pepper shakers that had been my Grandma's -- we use them every year at Thanksgiving and I feel so honored to have them. AND she bought me a Thanksgiving tablecloth. We were so thankful to have Brad's folks, my folks, Brad's Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and Pieces of the Millers' Family join us for a feast.

The long weekend started off with Tom and Nancy coming Thursday morning.

Watching Sesame Street before everybody else shows up.

Reading with Grandma Nancy

The boys cozily watching the football game before lunch.
Cousins Jason & Andy, My dad Gary, Brad, Victor the dog, and Atticus

And Grandpa Tom too!

We sang the hymn For the Beauty of the Earth. Brad prayed thanking God for His abundant gifts to us -- especially this year -- a sweet year of marriage and watching Atticus grow and learn. And the celebratory feast began!

Thank you!!!! for the beautiful wreath now on my front door...

Calvin Miller & his Aunt Stef
(Sorry Cal & Isaac's Uncle Jason, somehow we missed a photo of you )-:)

Our friends Derek & Angelina Rux, Uncle Leigh, Aunt Caryl, Cousin Andy

Cheerifully helpful Leah (-: and Grandma Nancy doing dishes. Thanks to you all for bringing drinks and food and cleaning up afterwards!!!

Eric Miller!

Eric, Calvin, Isaac, and their Grandma Sally

With Grandpa Gary and the Steering Wheel

With Derek & the Steering Wheel

The game Sequence...that evening

Reading with Grandma Susan

Our Thanksgiving Tree -- We put up construction paper hands of many things we are thankful for -- Brad, Atticus & I started at the beginning of November and as people arrived to our home, we had them add a hand-leaf. It's a tradition my mom started a few years back.

Friday after everyone had left, Brad, Atticus & I went over to the Boy Scout's Christmas Tree lot and picked out "Carl" (yes, they were all named, and this little guy's tag read "Carl" -- isn't that great?!).

Atticus hugging his daddy who was trying to take a picture (-:

Our Playmobile Nativity Scene

Atticus loves the tree -- decorating and undecorating it, the twinkly lights...

Saturday evening my sister-in-law Kara, brother-in-law Brian, and nephew Max arrived for a quick visit.

Brad, Kara, Max, & Brian

The boys asleep in the car when we arrived at church

Daddy-Atticus time before bed on Sunday night

Atticus cracking up because Brad is "Sssssss-ing" like a snake to tickle his neck.


Brian Murnion said...

Looks like fun. Can't wait to live there. Which is in like 6 weeks!
Did Brad get a haircut?

Leah Miller said...

Love them all! Good job and capturing those moments, Sarah!

Brian, are you staying with us? Call me, will ya?