Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Children's Museum

Tuesday afternoon Atticus and I went to the Children's Museum over in St.Paul. He's almost too little for most of their activities, but we had fun for almost 3 hours anyway. He loved this city bus model. It was interesting watching him interact with kids of all different ages and temperaments.

I liked the toddler room best because there wasn't anything they could break and I didn't have to walk behind him putting things away. Also he was able to climb up and down just about everything in there.

He walked down these stairs by himself holding onto the railing. I was very impressed. Usually he backs down stairs.

And he walked up and came down this fairly steep ramp on his own, too...
The Forest Room. It is really neat to look at and has two great multi-level tunnel mazes to climb through. Unfortunately for Atticus, after I tried helping him in the Ant Maze and started having Braxton Hicks Contractions (the fake ones) I wasn't able to help him out too much. I wished I could "unstrap" this pregnancy state for 20 minutes and help him out. But he had fun anyway.

The stream had running water and play aquatic life in it. This was probably Atticus' favorite until he accidentally started one of the hand dryers provided nearby and freaked himself out. There was a big aquarium attached to the bottom of this "stream" with two types of turtles and different kinds of fish.

One of the entrances to the ant maze...

The ceiling of the Ant Maze room

The Sesame Street exhibit

Big Bird's Nest

Chess in the "Park" on Sesame Street

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