Friday, March 28, 2014

My Cousin Lisa...

At the end of January Brad and I headed to Chicago to celebrate my cousin Lisa's 40th birthday. Lisa and I grew up together since we were preschoolers. We lived on farms a couple miles from each other (close enough to ride bikes to, once we were allowed to cross the 2-lane highway). We were in the same grade together at our country school -- 4 of us girls, all farmers' daughters, and Lisa and I cousins (that's small). We went to the same church together from 4th grade on. We both had younger brothers. We both took drawing lessons -- if I remember right, I think we even both drew Queen Esther for 4-H club one year. We both had horses for awhile. We both wanted to be female Indiana Jones for two years. We are very different and yet we both love beauty and love reading and love understanding people. And we both love Christ, our strong-headed, back-boned husbands and lively children (Lisa's two and my first two are almost exactly the same age!). We both love to travel (though Lisa has far out-stripped me in that department! (-:). I am thankful for this friendship that has covered 4 decades and so many changes and drama (not between us but in each of our lives). I am thankful for having a friend who remembers playing in soybean wagons at harvest-time and finding kittens in the haymow and being geeky 4th grade Steward Eagle cheerleaders in black and white saddle shoes; for desk-chair races in the Ashton Bible Church basement and exploring falling down old houses and vbs songs (input, output...what goes in is what goes out) and Timberlee Camp. Lisa, I love you. And I am so proud of the woman you have been and have become. xo

Carolyn Ackland (my cousin and Lisa's mom) on left and Teresa Beach-Shelow (our friend from childhood and church growing up) in between Lisa and me

Brad in his new suit!

My fancy dress and highest heels I've ever owned: Both from Banana Republic. It's pretty awkward to show pictures of yourself taking your own picture -- especially when it's to show your outfit. But I almost never get to dress up and it was very fun for me!

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