Monday, March 31, 2014

Lincoln Carver Turns 5!!!

Lincoln Carver is my St. Patrick's Day baby. We celebrated his actual birthday with a slow, stay-home-home-and-play day (his favorite kind) and a family dinner with cake in the evening. Then we had a birthday breakfast for him with friends the Saturday afterwards.
Lincoln found this hat at Target and loved it so very much and ask so very sweetly that I couldn't resist. It suits him.

At the breakfast party our friend Eric Berget had his brother and sister-in-law visiting from out of town and as a birthday treat, David performed some entertaining magic tricks for the kids (he's a developing professional in this craft (-:). It was great and the kids (and grown-ups) loved it. Thank you, David!



Aunt Julia and Owen!
Artena & Shannon!
At their request, David showed Dietrich and Atticus some card tricks...
We love you so very much, Lincoln. Proud to see you grow so much more confident and self-controlled this year. Excited for all the new adventures this coming year, especially kindergarten!

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