Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving at the Iowa Johannsen's: Part 2

Cousins watching the new Sophia the First Mermaid movie early in the morning snuggled up on Grandma's bed.

My mother in law kept all of Brad's Legos from when he was a boy. (She even has all the building directions!!) This was the first visit the big tub was pulled out. It was an enormous hit! Yay!

Caught in the act! Jumping on the inflatable beds (Grandma's sewing room is always turned into our boys' dormitory when we visit.) is strictly forbidden. After hearing much giggling and rustling and knocking downstairs, I came down to investigate. No, no...But these three are just so, so...

Lincoln and his cousin Ivy playing house! (-:

Baking with Grandma Nancy

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