Friday, December 06, 2013

My Dad

Most of you know my dad has (had?) cancer this year. I am thankful the doctors caught it early because he was already on a screening schedule because of a few previous cases of Melanoma. And I am thankful that it was in a part of his body that usually has slow growth and quite a bit of success at taking care of it if it is caught early enough. I am thankful that my dad's surgery was at Mayo Clinic at Rochester because they are good at what they do. And because I was able to come be with him and mom for part of the recovery (and my sister could come be with my mom during the loooooonnng surgery beforehand). I am thankful that initial results seem to indicate that the cancer didn't leave the organ. I am thankful that my dad is making a good pace (not as much as he wishes but a better speed than the doctors usually see) at regaining basic functioning and that many more steps to getting to a good quality of full life. I am thankful that my dad is here. I love my dad. So much. Thank you, God, for an earthly father like mine. Please let my kids know and remember him.

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