Friday, December 06, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013!

This year we went to Brad's family in Iowa for a lovely long Thanksgiving. We had lots of time with the cousins. We were able to work out almost every day (twice on one day (-:). Brad watched a lot! of sport games. I went fabric shopping with my mother-in-law -- *love*! We celebrated Dietrich's 6th birthday and Ivy's 4th birthday a bit early. We watched the fun new Disney Frozen movie -- which I really enjoyed (more than I anticipated). And Brad and I got to sleep in every single day -- we left feeling like we finally topped off our sleep tanks (after all those crazy first 5 years of babies) -- whew! Seriously, this is not a small thing, but the last day we were there, I woke up at a normal time -- like 6:30ish -- on my own and thought, I really don't need to sleep any more this morning -- I mean, I don't even feel tired. Crazy. Awesome. Whoot! Whoot! (To all those friends still in the little baby stage -- take heart!!! You can get through this and come out alive and whole on the other side -- changed and older but better and stronger!!!)

Pretty and Sweet Ivy

Nancy and Great-Grandma Trellis


Max & Kara!

These two are such good friends!!

Milo & Brian!

Cousins coloring together before the Thanksgiving Feast

Guesstures! -- A kind of timed high-speed team charades game. The kids did great!

Girls vs. Boys

Having our kids be able to join in and play group family games -- wow! Awesome! Definitely a new era of family (parenting! kid!) awesome-ness!

This kid had a front top tooth that was so loose for so long that it hung sideways like some kind of haggle, hill-billy tooth. It was awful. And nothing I did to conjole Atticus would make him get it out. Aargh! He looked ridiculous. THEN -- he and Dietrich were playing some kind of karate game a couple weeks ago and Atticus got kicked in the mouth and instead of the that dang tooth coming out, the baby tooth below it got hit and it was also seriously askew. I noticed that it was looking kinda grey/blue over thanksgiving and that is when I realized it was barely attached to Atticus' mouth and that the tooth underneath it was an 1/8 of an inch up out of his gums. Weirdo. Well, by the end of the weekend, the two teeth were out of there (do not ask for the details, you may not approve of my methods (-:). Now the other front top tooth is wildly loose -- by Christmas, maybe? He looks like a street boxer. Ha!

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