Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Roosevelt Library

So this lovely little public library is on our friends' the Bergets' block. It closed down a couple years ago -- apparently never to re-open. But, because a few key citizens who had some positions in local politics, were able to be part of getting the Minneapolis and Hennepin County libraries consolidated. This freed funds to re-open a number of neighborhood libraries and extend hours of many libraries. Brad had done the lighting/electrical on the remodel with his previous company, so we were especially interested in being a part of the ribbon-cutting re-open. One neat little thing about the morning, was the presence of a lady who had been a civil-service volunteer at this same library during World War II. Isn't that cool?! The library was beautiful and well-organized and chock-full of books (far more than you would think could comfortably fit in such a small space). We checked out two big tote bags worth of books and rode our bikes back home in the sparkly sunshine (which has been a rare commodity for us this spring!).

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liz@carpeseason said...

We were so happy you guys were as excited about this as we were!