Monday, October 08, 2012

Unauthorized Rapper Ninjas

When we were at the Minnehaha Falls Trail we walked along the dry creekbed for awhile and then came up to the bridge we have passed under a number of times. This time since we were in the creekbed and had a different perspective, I saw an unauthorized trail up the side of the ravine which would lead us up to the bridge. It was crazy steep and strewn with glass and unauthorized paraphernalia, but, hey, nothing to stop preschoolers and their mother-with-questionable-judgment scaling it. Yep. So we did. And the kids thought it was awesome -- especially when a field trip of 50 teenagers were passing along the trail on the opposite bank about 75 feet below us. And we all yelled at them and the teenagers rowdily cheered at my kids. That was awesome. And I was an awesome mom for creating that opportunity. Right. Well, anyway, no one got hurt. And it was a beautiful view from the top. And we found war cannons. Keep scrolling down.

And then it plateaued at the top and we found a Veteran's Home with a cannon monument. Who knew?

Okay, so now this is the part where we were headed back down the ravine but Dietrich wanted another group photo. He likes to direct scenes, so he said they were supposed to pose like ninjas. Like Ninjago Lego Ninjas. So Lincoln and Thea Belle aren't sure what that looks like. So they look at Deke and he does this.

So the younger two try...but Dietrich decides he's not sure he got it.

So Dietrich tries this. He says Kai the Ninja does this. Apparently he is some sort of Rapper Ninja.

So the younger two try that.

Thea looks at Dietrich.

Thea looks at Lincoln.

And she does this.

And then she cracks herself (and me) up.

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liz@carpeseason said...

Deke is hilarious. I love in the first picture how he is so seriously flexing, and Thea is looking at him as if to say, "Boys are weird."
I foresee many of those moments in her young life.