Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have a 6 year old. He has homework. We have parent-teacher conferences. This year has been a new place in parenting -- On Monday and Friday mornings the two boys are in preschool. Atticus gets on the bus every day at quarter to 7 and comes home at 2:20. Even now a couple months into school, when I make lunch and only set out 3 kids plates, I double-take. I miss Atticus. I love that his teacher genuinely likes Atticus and sees how much he loves people. She sees that he is enthusiastic and creative. And she sees that he needs more focus and self-directed "carry-through". Amen. In a class of 28 kids, that she knows this (and more) about him and is taking measures to build him in his weaknesses and encourage him in his strengths -- that is amazing. God is directing his steps in so many things. And He determined His teacher this year. I am thankful that the Wednesday night Kids' Bible Classes over at Bethlehem Baptist Church has begun for the year. This is the first year we are trying it and so far it's a good start. I am excited for them -- hoping they get more excited about God's Word and make some good friends this year. I feel like we are in an awkward growth spurt/change with our family. I am realizing we aren't the new family with baby and very young toddler. We are growing into something else. And I am not sure how to navigate these waters. It is weird. It is a new kind of complicated. But I get far more sleep. That is good.

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