Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mossy Green Dream Sofa

So this weekend while my brother Jonathan and sister-in-law Robyn were visiting, we found this couch on craigslist -- not only is this THE PERFECT (i.e. utterly fits the picture in my head) couch for my downstairs (unrealized) art/sewing studio BUT it is a sleeper sofa -- which is exactly what we need in there for the room to double as a guest room. AND the owners were only asking $150 -- can you even believe it?????!!!!! Then I emailed them and, as often happens, they had just sold it. I am trying to solace myself with the gladness that this perfect thing even exists -- somewhere "out there" and that I probably shouldn't have begged Brad for it anyway. Still...I had to show you guys. Oh how I love it.

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Jessica said...

Hi there. I saw your comment on Femina and had to drop by. I too am a mama of a 3, 2, and almost 1-year-old and can completely relate to what you're going through! I also love being creative. Prior to marriage I did a lot of sewing and crocheting. But I get very little time for those kinds of things nowadays.

I am so grateful for blogs like Femina, because they are an almost daily reminder to me of what's truly important and eternal. Not to mention, Rebekah's posts just keep me laughing! God is so good and never gives us more than we can handle. I don't have many friends who are in this stage with me and it was good to know hear about someone who's in almost the identical kid situation as me. :) God bless you and your family.

And, yeah, that couch is COOL!