Monday, March 15, 2010

Art from Atticus & Dietrich

This is Atticus' drawing of his little sister (we don't know for sure yet...but Atticus is sure she's a sister).

Atticus drawing: "When I was a Very Little Boy"

This is Atticus drawing of our house's roof -- the top square is our chimney and the bottom is an aerial view of the rest of the roof -- isn't the perspective fascinating?

Atticus drawing: "Daddy as a Monster"

By Atticus: I didn't get a photo of this before Dietrich found it and added the blue scribbles but if you can look under that, this is a great Quentin Blake-ish drawing of "Brad with Stubble".

A paper collage of a sandwich -- Atticus made this on his own completely unsupervised and unprompted.

Dietrich's painting...

Dietrich's cut-out drawing -- I think it looks like a G-clef this direction or a "Madonna" flipped 180 degrees.

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