Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Dietrich (December 20th)!

Before his birthday, Dietrich carried around and slept with is lone matchbox racecar. For his birthday he received none less than 20 cars -- and not a single duplicate in the lot. He received many other fine gifts but these cars were the apple of his eyes.

A racetrack to use with them...

The super-cool game Animal Upon Animal by Haba...from Aunt Bekah.

For lunch, Liz & Eric came to celebrate Dietrich's birthday...

He was sorta surly most of the day until his party in the evening...The first three times we sang him "Happy Birthday" he cried and tried to run away -- We don't know why.

In the evening the Millers and the Deems came for a birthday supper and cake.

We love you, Dietrich!

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