Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wildflowers and a Russian Elementary Teacher

Mondays Bekah usually has work off. So this Monday we went over to the Eloise Butler Wildflower Park -- the flowers are just beautiful right now -- the Trillium (Crimson, Rose & White), Trout Lilies (Gold & Yellow), and Blood Root are in full bloom. I didn't take any photos while we were enjoying the hike. Afterwards we headed over to the nearby park to eat lunch and play. Every time we've come to this park there is a bus full of elderly people from an adult daycare facility who are gathered about on the picnic tables around the playground. This time was no exception. One lady in particular (who has not remembered us) has been there every time and just delights me with her chattiness and evident happiness in seeing young children playing. She and her husband came over here from Russia to stay with one of her daughters. This kind older lady spent the greater part of her life teaching 3-8 year olds in Russia. She has come and talked with me every time we've been there over the last two years. It made me happy she was there again.

Dietrich adores slides. (And has no fear -- He's climbed up and went down slides twice this height -- by himself!)


Bird said...

I'm glad to hear the flowers are in bloom. Now, if I could just take a walk without the dog, we'd be all set to see them!

Joslin3 said...

lovely!! i remember that lady :)
And holy moly look at Lincoln. I'm pretty sure he looks MUCH bigger than when I met him!! You're doing awesome Sarah!

Leah Miller said...

Oooh, love the pics. I need to get out there sometime soon.

That picture of Lincoln through the whole is hilarious. I love it!