Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Atticus!

Atticus turned 3 years old on Saturday May 9th!

Aunt Kara and cousin Max visited from Des Moines.

Grandma Nancy holding Lincoln & Grandpa Tom

My folks, my sister, Kara & Max, and Nancy & Tom!

The Grandpas

Dietrich & Max played so well together -- They've only seen each other a handful of times and this time it was so sweet to see them actually play.

Atticus running down Saturday morning to open gifts.

His first big-kid Legos

Atticus the Pirate -- Thank you, Aunt Kara & Uncle Brian!

Brad, Isaac Joslin, & Eric Miller starting out the breakfast party with conversation.

Ike & Cal Miller, Madeleine Joslin and Atticus

Leah & the kids

Ike & Dietrich sorta playing by each other

Isaac & my dad enjoying a talk

Naomi & Rachel Caneday

Elizabeth, Naomi, Rachel & John Caneday

Jess Rodriguez holding Maxiel Joslin

Me & Lincoln, Laura & Maxiel Joslin

Cool basketball hoop Millers, Joslins & Rodriguez' gave Atticus

Trying to get a picture of all the cousins together...

Gigi Deems came by for a few minutes to wish Atticus "happy birthday"

Cousins watching a movie together...
(Max is sad because it isn't Cars -- the only Max-approved film (-:)

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Bird said...

I LOVE the pirate costume! That's awesome!