Friday, April 17, 2009

Party for Lincoln

My incredible friend Leah threw a Welcoming Party for Lincoln at our house -- She and Anne Golliher and Jess Rodriguez brought treats and we had a nice laid-back casual hour of talking, laughing, and sharing our new baby with friends.

Jess Rodriguez and Laura Joslin (she and her husband Isaac came on his birthday before having cake to celebrate and brought their new baby Maxiel too!!)

Our neighbors Dominick, Melissa, and Amy came from next door. Isaac, the birthday boy, on the right.

Silly Bekah and Leah -- These are their model faces (Zoolander?)

Sophia and Anna Murnion

So beautiful.

Angelina Rux (wonderful to see you after a long absence, friend!) & Anne Golliher (faithful celebrant to all the Johannsen parties (-:)


Leah Miller said...

Fun photos!

No, not Zoolander. Just really sexy looking.

Joslin3 said...

that was a fun time!
i'm really digging that photo of Bekah and Leah. :)