Monday, April 20, 2009

Minnesota Zoo

With Brad's work cutting back hours, Brad's been home on Fridays. Last week we went to the "big zoo" to see the animal babies in the farm section. We needed to be back to pick Grandpa Tom up from the downtown convention center (here for a volleyball tournament) to visit with the boys for the small window he had between games. So we only had time for the farm section and a little of the Grizzly Bear Coast. It's so fun to go with Brad to places like the zoo -- places I've been to with the boys on my own but now he gets to enjoy the experience with us.

Baby chicks.

Saying "No!" with his ubiquitous ear flick.

This doesn't do the situation justice but this sea otter was so playful back and forth across his tank. Atticus and a handful of other slightly older boys were laughing so hard racing back and forth trying to follow the otter, running into each other and being silly. It was so funny. This is the very tail end of the chase, the other boys were called away by their parents and atticus left in a solo performance.

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