Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not So Sure About Finger Painting

So I've been trying to think of new things to do with Atticus. He's at a hard age because he's not old enough for so many of the toddler things there are to do "out there" but he's got the curiosity and energy and enthusiasm for all those things and more. So I thought -- finger painting -- why not? Makes a mess, but it's a fun mess, and he does loves playing in mud and water and such... But sadly he wasn't so sure about it -- strangely didn't like it on his hands and was even kind of scared (?) of the plate of paint. I tried showing him how it's done, but he just watched me amused but mostly wary of the whole thing. Ah well, we'll store the paint and try again in a couple months. No harm trying.

1 comment:

kara said...

cleary it was a wise choice to remove his clothing before this activity.

cute, cute!! i can't wait until i have atticus art to hang on our fridge. :)