Thursday, July 02, 2015

Day 2: London, Part 3

The Natural History Museum

Monkeys climbed up this opening arch all the way up and across the ceiling and down the other side.

Okay, by this time in the day, I was a little museum-ed out and very hungry. Also, there were bus-loads of school kids and tourists here -- the dinosaur exhibit was crowded, stuffy, blazing hot, and too much for me. We almost left, but then I found taxidermed animals...jackpot.

Weird robotic dinosaurs that moved and roared.


An entire hall of taxidermed animals. I don't know exactly why I love this so much, but when well-done, it is just fascinating...and when it is not, bizarre and mesmerizing. 

He looks like he needs to use the restroom.

Look at the way an armadillo folds up -- that is perfect.

Pangolins make me so happy. 

Doesn't their scale-cover look like a giant-size pine-cone?

His face...

I think his name is Terrence.

Liberty House fabric flagship...but in one of the longest, biggest, ritziest shopping areas I've ever been in. Fabric here is like in the $40 or more/ a yard range. Shirts are a couple hundred dollars. A plastic plate is like $40. I did not buy anything at this store. It is on Regent Street in London's West End.

A super chice selection of tapestry/needlework kits...want. 

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