Thursday, July 02, 2015

Day 2: London, Part 1

The Royal Opera House was a block from our hotel...We didn't get to go inside...though we tried...

Walking to Westminster Theater...

I like Pegasuses, (Pegai) I really do. Once, in 6th grade I wrote half a novel with a Pegasus protagonist (which is also really fun to say multiple times, by the way "Pegasus Protagonist, Pegasus Protagonist...").

Right next to Westminster Cathedral an enormous informal parade of horsewomen each holding the reins of two other horses made their way down the street. No fanfare. Maybe they were exercising the horses?

Big Ben

Westminster Cathedral

Park across the street

We did not get to go inside because we got there too early and it wasn't open to the public yet. We planned to come back later in the day, but missed the close by 15 minutes. Sad. At least I was there.

I am no good at selfies... 

Parliament building

Look how doofus-like this unicorn's expression is -- haha!

And this lion looks more Motley Crew than Regal -- also funny -- especially across from Doof-Unicorn!
The lions! I love them everywhere.

On the way to Buckingham Palace

See the London Eye ferris wheel in the background?

This bird had the strangest feet...He seemed super gentle and relaxed around people...

Such lovely landscaping in the gardens leading up to Buckingham!

Very well-feathered ducks...They had British accents when they quacked. Really.

Another pretty kind of duck

Buckingham Palace...closed to the public until July, we were only able to see it from the outside gates. 



Queen Victoria

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