Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"Side" Trip to Visit the Snodgrai

Sunday afternoon/evening we traveled down to outside Cedar Rapids to visit our friends the Snodgrasses who are home from the mission field to have their third child. Cordelia was born 5 days before our evening together. Nathan & Shelley lived with us for a short time before they moved overseas. At the time, they only had Nora and we only had Atticus. Shelley and I found out we were pregnant with our second children on the same day. They are staying at the "missionary house" next to the house where Nathan grew up with his FIVE brothers.


Lincoln and Alexander


Newborn Cordelia

Solar panels that heat their water

Solar Panels for electricity -- partially hooked up

A ride on the tractor -- they have a few vintage tractors -- This one, a Minneapolis-Moline.

Atticus was a little unsure of the tractor when it first started up, but after being offered a ride and bravely accepting, he loved it.

Nathan's brother Ethan giving the tour

A baby turkey

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