Wednesday, July 08, 2009

4th of July Visit to My Parents: Part 1

We visited my parents for a long weekend over the Fourth. Here is my whole family: Top Row (L to R) Robyn and Jonathan (my brother) with Clark; My dad and mom; Dietrich, Brad, Me, Lincoln; Bekah (my sister); Lindsey and Aaron (my brother) with Grant; Bottom Row (L to R) Lilly (Lindsey and Aaron's daughter) and Atticus.

The picnic on Saturday -- Many of my cousins and some of my aunts and uncles came. So good to see them. I am embarrased I got so few photos. My cousins Lisa and Jason took a big group of us out to a nice restaurant in town for a fun supper with our collective crew of toddlers and babies.

Lisa & Ellie Carriere

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Leah Miller said...

You guys did try really hard on those family photos. Good tries.

I love all the red hair in the first photo.