Friday, December 28, 2007


Brad, recovering from the flu, asleep with Dietrich
Brad also developed a mean eye infection this week,
thus glasses in every photo...

Getting the air mattress set up for Uncle Jon and Aunt Robyn

Sticking rubber plunger-arrows on his forehead with Aunt Bekah

Aunt Bekah with Dietrich

Setting the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve

Playing with Aunt Robyn in front of the fire

A relaxed Christmas Eve together with most of my family

Grandma Susan with Dietrich

Christmas morning after my dad read the Christmas Story from the book of Luke and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus

Atticus' Ukulele

Atticus' bongo drums from Aunt Bekah

Brad's new electric guitar

Grandpa Gary & Uncle Jon put Atticus' new tricycle together

Aunt Bekah had to leave early afternoon on Tuesday, Christmas Day

Playing board games on Christmas evening

Uncle Jon & Aunt Robyn with the boys
(My folks & Jon & Robyn left Wednesday morning...)

The boys with Grandma & Grandpa

Being cheese-y

Dietrich's first Christmas

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