Monday, June 29, 2015

Minneapolis Museum Art Spring 2015

Insect Armor. Yes.

Thea Belle and Dietrich spontaneously began dancing together in a re-constructed ballroom.

Noah's Ark animals...

That dog's expression...

Arthur B. Carles, American, 1876-1952 "Self Portrait in Front of Stripes"

Raphael Soyer, American. 1899-1987 "Self Portrait in the Second Year of the War," 1941

Raphael Soyer, American, 1899-1987, "Flower Vendor," 1935

Jon Eric Riis, American, born 1945, "Forest Coat," 2005

Jean Clouet the Younger, French, 1475-1541, "Portrait of Charlotte of France," 1522

Lucass Cranach the Elder, German, 1472-1553, "Portrait of Moritz Buchner," 1520

Sarah Jones, British, born 1959, "The Rose Garden," 2008

I forgot to get the artist on this one...sorry!

This was a looped film clip of the artist 9Monica Holler)'s father pulling up a soil sample from their Minnesota family farm right before the farm was sold out of the family. This prompted Holler to learn about regional Midwest soil type identities. 

An example of framed 6 foot tall framed soil samples of various Midwest family farms

Outside the Hapsburg exhibit...

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