Saturday, February 21, 2015

MIA 3rd Grade Field Trip!

I was able to chaperone my very first field trip this week!! Hooray! Atticus' third grade class went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The past couple weeks they have been having a parent-volunteer trained by the MIA giving the kids art-history instruction. I was totally proud of them recognizing Georgia O'Keefe, Vincent Van Gogh, and a number of other artists older and newer that they knew the artist or knew whether it was realistic or impressionistic or abstract. The kids answered questions about perspective (of the artist) and other observations about why artists would use a certain style to communicate what they believed about life or beauty. It was kinda crazy and chaotic, but I met some really neat moms who had their youngest kid in Atticus' class -- one mom had 5 kids and one 6. Even though I only have four, I somehow got to be in the over-two-kids club, and learned a lot about being a mom trying to organize and keep track of multiple school-aged kids. Maybe I am not doing too much wrong -- it's just really hard. It was wonderful to see Atticus so happy for me to be there. What an affectionate and enthusiastic kid I have! (And Thea Belle was a rock star -- best-behaved 4-year-old ever!)

All of my boys want a falcon for a pet. This is one of their favorite sculptures at the MIA.

Twenty kids were all lying on the carpet looking at this...

A kinetic visual installation of meteoroid-like rocks flinging into space on a cupola three stories above the floor.

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