Friday, November 07, 2014

Dragon Riders, Dalek, and a Mermaid...

Dietrich and Lincoln are dressed as the dragon riders Hiccup and Burp (not in the movie, but Hiccup's little brother) from How to Train a Dragon 2. I had soooo much fun sewing these costumes -- faux leather and faux fur, rivets/grommets!!!, metal studs, and buckles everywhere. And I love! hand sewing!

Thea Belle wore the mermaid costume her Aunt Lindsey sent her for her birthday this summer. We made a mermaid crown from shells and pearls we found at Jo-Anns. It was a very heavy, impractical crown, but she loved it. (If she wears it while swimming with actual mermaids, the crown will be much more wearable (-: -- buoyancy and all...)

Atticus, as is his operating mode, had an elaborate and enthusiastic and impractical idea for his costume. He wanted to be a Dalek (evil alien species who embody hatred, arch-nemesi of the intrepid Dr. Who). The actual Dalek live inside these kitschy robot vehicles.

And because I can't help it, look at this drawing! Do you know how drew it? -- LINCOLN!!! Unaided, by himself. He has just exploded into creative drawing mode this fall...It is like he's found this area of uber skill and joy...I love seeing him just feast off of the thrill of doing it and the praise that comes from it...Hooray!

Our friends Shannon and Mark came trick or treating with us -- which was fun and also helped us out immensely after we realized how difficult it was for Atticus to move in his costume -- Brad and I helped him with the built-in handles on the Dalek's sides and Shannon and Mark stayed up ahead with the younger three...Thank you! And Hooray! and again.

Our street gets hundreds of trick or treaters because it's a main street and because we have a big-time Halloween house across from us. It is very festive and the Dalek added to the fun -- we had people taking Atticus' picture and stopping to talk with us and had fun hearing people trying to explain to each other what a Dalek is -- felt like we helped couples bond a little closer through a kitschy British sci-fi villian. Ha!

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